Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In the beginning

I recently came to the glaring realization that I have a terrible memory. Sure, I remember the macro events in my life, but my memory of the smaller details and stories is extremely (and sadly) limited. I've always had a good enough memory for school and remembering people I've met, but the true pitfall has been in my ability to tell stories. Sure, a part of it is in my pure lack of storytelling abilities, but that skill-lesness is further heightened by my inability to remember what exactly happened.

So...long story short, I revealed this revelation to my mom who admitted that she shares a similar memory deficiency (even preceding her aging and associated decline in memory) and is also envious of friends who have journals from their younger days. Now I've never been much of a journaler...in part because my hand gets tired pretty quickly from writing (apparently, I hold my pen wrong...which my dad just discovered when we were out to sushi the other night, though that's a whole separate story...which I may or may not remember in a few days).

So now's my chance, with my much nimbler typing fingers, to create memories and stories. It may be a little late to capture my first kiss and the loads of prom drama (apparently now termed "proma"), but I'm 21 and there are plenty more memories to be created.